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Other Website Builders Reviewed

Why Website Builder Reviews Are Controversial.

Simple reason is that there is strong loyalty. 

Most people are affiliates for the software that they use, so there is a natural bias even though most people haven't even tried the other software. 

I am an a user and an affiliate for of these software programs. 

My favorite website builder is Groove.cm, click on the button below to learn a little more about the reason why.


I love Clickfunnels, but the 1.0 version. The reason was that it was so simple to use. 

Clickfunnels 1.0 had it's problems

1. You have to pay to learn how to use the software. I had to buy the One Funnel Away Challenge to really learn how to use the software. 

2. Simple elements. A beginner could only do so much and you were pretty much out of luck if you did not know anything about computer programming.

3. Loading time was very slow. 

4. Domain problems - I discovered this problem creating links to be placed in YouTube descriptions. To make a link clickable in YouTube you must have the "https://" in front of your website name. 

But your website won't work if you do not add the "www" part. 

You can make it work but it requires extra steps and using an integration with Cloudflare. 

There is a similar issue with Go High Level.

In Groove and Builderall, it is very easy to set up your domain. 

Clickfunnels 2.0

Clickfunnels 2.0 was released to the general public October 2022. It was released to beta testers in 2021 Funnel Hacking Live. I was one of those beta testers.

Clickfunnels 2.0 was exciting at first. First of all it loads faster, and I will say that is the main benefit for right now. 

Clickfunnels 2.0 might be great in the future but it is not worth it in 2023. This is not just my opinion, many big names are not even using Clickfunnels anymore like Billy Gene, Gusten Sun, John Crestani.

The main problems with Clickfunnels 2.0 

1. Courses: Very, Very hard to create a course on Clickfunnels 2.0. 

With Clickfunnels 1.0 it was very easy, just drag and drop. Again, not just my opinion, 2-Club Winner Frazer Brookes now hosts his courses on WordPress. 

2. Payment Gateways: This is literally the most important part of making money online for most businesses, and they make it harder with "Payments AI".  Now you have to apply and show government ID.  Every software (including Clickfunnels 1.0) has a simple integration with Stripe.

3. Specialized Knowledge Required:  While Clickfunnels uses there own software, but the average user cannot easily replicate that because Specialized Knowledge or extra computer programming is required. 

Go to the Clickfunnels homepage, and the average user wouldn't be able to easy put a video that auto plays in the background and have the video start from the beginning as shown on the website. You can do it but it is not very easy to add the icons or change the play button. 

4. Glitches: There is definitely a problem when you are trying to clone a page and having multiple URLs going to the same page after renaming a page.

In most website builders the old URL no longer is valid after you rename it. If you really wanted to keep the URL you can easily clone the page and have the old URL redirect to the renamed page. 

Below is the error that I get on multiple funnels that I have, that hasn't been resolved for months now.

I think it will be very rare to find anyone who can create an entire program in Clickfunnels 2.0 without paying extra for training. Keep in mind that most people are paying $2000 or more per year.

Most people by software like Clickfunnels because they don't have time, and the people who do have time and resources are not using Clickfunnels for everything. 

It is obvious that Clickfunnels 2.0 isn't ready and they want to charge you extra if you want to use Clickfunnels 1.0. 

These are the reasons why I cannot recommend Clickfunnels 2.0

Go High Level

Go High Level isn't bad software. 

The website builder itself is a cheap knock off of Clickfunnels. It is easy to use but not was easy as Clickfunnels 1.0

The main issue I have is that you have to get the $297/month plan to use "share links". 

If you want to get Go High Level, you can get it bundled with other software if you get it by clicking on the button below. 

Systeme IO

SystemeIO is also a good website builder. The website builder is just like Go High Level. 

The good thing about Sysyteme IO is that you can start for FREE. 

In fact I have a SuperFunnel created on SystemeIO with done for you emails and step by step set up instructions that you can have. It is for the highest converting offer for 2024.

First create a free account, then click on the button below for more information about the SuperFunnel/website. 

Builderall 6.0

Builderall is a good software, but the question is if the Builderall 6.0 worth it at the current prices. 

Builderall when it came out was supposed to compete with Clickfunnels. 

The biggest mistake for Builderall was the development of their WordPress platform. This was resources that could have been better spent improving their main software programs, like the website builder, email marketing, and Facebook chatbots.

The website builder is relatively easy to use, but not as easy as Clickfunnels 1.0

There WordPress plug-in is actually very good, I wish they have an option to use it in their regular website builder. It is very easy to use. 


The recently change their pricing to $47, $97, and $247. 

You are limited on how many websites you are able to connect, and you don't even have access to the course builder (eLearning) unless you get the $247 plan.

Builderall at these prices are not worth it because you can get more with Go High Level and Systeme IO at the $99/mo level compared to Builderall's $247 plan.

The only reason why I would even consider getting Builderall is for their Facebook messenger chatbot. In the long run even at $99/mo it is a more affordable option than ManyChat. 


Most software programs allow you to create courses.

What makes Groove unique is that it makes it easy to have affiliates to promote your courses.

Affiliates like to give out their unique bonuses when promoting products. Generally, they have to request the buyer to email a copy of the receipt, then email them access to the bonuses.

With Groove, this process is automated, so when a person buys your course, an email gets sent to the buyer with the bonuses of your affiliate. 

Since I am an affiliate of Groove, I created an automation where my unique bonus get emailed to the people who sign up using my affiliate link and if you create a course your affiliates can do the same thing for your courses.

Not sure if this makes sense so you can see the demo video below on how this works. 

Other Features:

I also like GrooveBlog. It is not perfect but it is much easier to use than Wordpress. 

There is GrooveKart, which is similar to Shopify.  I personally don't use GrooveKart. 

GrooveKart is definitely not better than Shopify, but it is better than anything you can do with more expensive software like Clickfunnels 2.0. 

#3 Groove A.I.

There are hundreds of A.I. software for marketing and I have bought many of them, but the one I would recommend is Groove A.I.

ChatGPT is only as good as the information you give it.

Demo video is an example of the difference between putting information in ChatGPT and the same information into Groove A.I. 

I did not use an prompts to create the output that was generated.

Groove A.I. allows to to create your own knowledge base where the software can get information from. 

**I did not create a knowledge base for the video above. That will be a different demo.

The feature I am waiting for is when Groove A.I. integrates with Groove.cm to create  entire sales pages for you.  This will be an affiliate marketers dream come because you will be able to create landing pages for your affiliate offers without too much work. 

Groove A.I. is a good enough product the way it is, but it will only get better. 

#4 Marmof

Why are LiveGood products so affordable.

There are two things that is great about the software.

#1 It is half the price of the other alternatives.

#2 You don't have to integrate with your own ChatGPT account.

#3 You can start for FREE. You can have the A.I. write 5000 words for FREE.

That is enough for 2 full blog articles.

They have very affordable plans if you need more words. 

Watch the demo below on how to easily create a blog post fast.

You can even use Marmof to help you with your social media content. Give it a test drive for FREE.

#5 NeuronWriter

NeuronWriter is a smart, AI-powered writing assistant that helps bloggers optimize their content for better search engine rankings.

By using advanced algorithms, NeuronWriter suggests relevant keywords, headings, and phrases to include in your article to optimize it for search engines. It also provides content analysis, readability scores, and content recommendations to improve engagement and readability.

With NeuronWriter, bloggers can save time and effort in keyword research while still ensuring their blog posts are SEO-ready.

Moreover, it's a user-friendly platform that provides personalized recommendations on how to improve your article according to SEO guidelines. Watch the Demo Below.

NeuronWriter is a valuable investment for bloggers who want to improve their website's search engine ranking, generate more traffic, and increase their bottom line.

Use Marmof to write the article, NeuronWriter to optimize it for SEO, and paste the results to you Blogging software.

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